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Massage Benefits

  • Treats soft tissue injuries naturally and effectively
  • Relieves Headaches
  • Treats Insomnia
  • Relieves Fibromyalgia
  • Helps Digestive disorders
  • Helps TMJ disorders
  • Eases Pregnancy discomfort
  • Decrease blood pressure


Gina Burk, LMP

I have been practicing massage therapy since I graduated the massage program at Peninsula College in 1998. I have learned modalities ranging from whiplash treatment, pregnancy massage, myofascial release technique and therapeutic massage.

My clients are of all ages, have diverse conditions and levels of injury recovery. My massage sessions have aided all of my clients in reducing pain, relieving stress, increasing physical activity without discomfort, cancer recovery and having a better awareness of their self.

My goal as a massage therapist is to facilitate healing, body repair, and increase the overall quality of life for my clients. We accomplish this together by staying informed about health, nutrition, exercise, diet, proper rest, healthy touch and living a healthy lifestyle.


Jena Stamper, LMP

I have been in practice her in Port Angeles, since 2010.In these years I have continued to develop tools to help my clients aid in their recovery. Whether it is every day aches and pains or whiplash due to an auto accident.

Areas of Interest

Crainio-Sacral Therapy- Studied at Bastyr University and have had success with treating migraines, balancing the crainial bones and core link, relief of TMJ disorders and releasing emotional traumas to aid in the healing process.

Scar Treatment- Working with the underlying fascial tissues, this gentle technique helps alleviate keloid and other pains due to the scar tissue that results from surgeries.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment- Using some myofascial techniques along with Trigger Point Therapy help relieve pain and restore ROM in most cases.

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