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Jena Stamper, LMT

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Jena Stamper, LMT

I have been in practice here in Port Angeles, since 2010. In these years I have continued to develop tools to help my clients aid in their recovery. The last few years my focus has been on craniosacral therapy and all the wonderful benefits it can provide. Currently I am not taking new clients unless they have been referred specifically from another practitioner for Craniosacral Therapy. I am also not accepting new insurance clients at this time.

Areas of Interest

CrainioSacral Therapy- I studied CST at Bastyr University. I have had success with treating migraines, sinus issues, balancing the crainial bones and core link, relief of TMJ disorders and releasing emotional traumas aiding in the overall healing process.

Craniosacral can be very beneficial to children who have ADHD or attention problems. In conjunction with chiropractic care we have seen children go from not being able to be in the main classroom, to them excelling in main classroom setting.

Children who have had breastfeeding/tongue tie issues and speech problems can also benefit from the intraoral work of Craniosacral.

Scar Treatment- Working with the underlying fascial tissues, this gentle technique helps alleviate keloid scars and other pains due to the scar tissue that results from surgeries.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment- Using some myofascial techniques along with Trigger Point Therapy help relieve pain and restore ROM in most cases.

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